About Us

GreenLion Racing is the Formula Student Team of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal. Formula Student is an international design contest among students. Every year, we are passionate and committed to developing, constructing, and ultimately marketing a racing car that is as powerful as possible, in order to participate in national and international competitions.

To be part of the GreenLion Racing Team, our main motifs include the fun of the project, the enrichment of the study by practical and intensive experiences in the fields of construction and manufacturing as well as dealing with economic aspects of the automotive industry and the related industry.


The team consists of active and passive members. For the race car of the corresponding Formula Student season the former develop the car, the latter make up the salutations of the “Alumni”, who have already worked one or more seasons in the Formula Student competition. With their knowledge and experience, they provide the core team with advice.

GreenLion Racing works at the BUW in the workshop on the Grifflenberg campus. The premises are kindly provided by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering.

Be A Lion

The GreenLion Racing Team is always looking for enthusiastic newcomers, designers and entrepreneurs! You are a student of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal and you are curious, efficient and adventurous? Then apply with us and profit from project experience, which will give you a decisive advantage in the job search. In addition to volunteering to expand the personal horizon, the following options are offered:

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

Project work

Drive engineering and construction systematics, Prof. Gust in the fourth semester, 8 credits

Constructive design, Prof. Gust in the 5th semester, 3 credits

Bachelor thesis

free choice of topics supported by chair construction, 14 credits